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Post Info TOPIC: The popularity of cell phone jammer can be increased

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The popularity of cell phone jammer can be increased

The popularity of cell phone jammer can be increased. 
Some of the material due to its internal structure, relationship, in which atoms or molecules are excited to the excited state and be unable to immediately return to the ground state, but quickly transition to one or several long-lived intermediate state. Atoms or molecules in the state apparatus of these longer speak for the other excited states is relatively stable, this relatively stable state is called metastable. As the metastable live longer and have a strong role in the material, the number of particles can metastable lower level than the ground state, or more, resulting in several anti-particle distribution. In the distribution of anti-atoms or molecules, if the role by the incident photon and this photon energy is exactly equal to the atoms or a metastable lower level with the ground state energy difference, these excited atoms or molecules from jump to the ground state or metastable state to a lower level emitting a photon with the same frequency of the incident light, this light emission called stimulated emission. The body of this kind of cell phone jammer is firm enough.
cell phone jammer is advanced with IF technology adopted
Lasers work by the material can be divided into four kinds. Solid-state lasers: its working substance is a solid. Commonly used ruby laser, neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser (YAG laser that is) and neodymium glass lasers. Similar to their structure, characterized by small and rugged, high power neodymium glass laser is the highest pulse output power device, has reached tens of megawatts. Gas lasers: Its working material for the gas. Has a variety of gas atoms, ions, metal vapor, gas molecules laser. The mapping function of cell phone jammer is very popular.
Commonly used carbon dioxide laser, He-Ne laser and CO laser, and its shape as an ordinary discharge tube, the output is characterized by stability, good color, long life, but less power, conversion efficiency is low. Liquid laser: it can be divided into chelate lasers, liquid lasers inorganic and organic dye lasers, one of the most important is the organic dye laser, the wavelength of its greatest features is continuously adjustable. Semiconductor lasers: it is a younger laser, which is the more mature GaAs lasers.


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