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In March 2012, the media announced the change in the two world leaders recipe soft drinks due to the presence of carcinogens. A month later, an investigation into the death of a woman concludes that it is due to the consumption of this fruta planta beverage. Coke is it really dangerous?



Carcinogens, Coca changes its recipe

This is a new law of the State of California in the United States that forced the two major brands of soft drinks to change their recipe in March 2012, due to a chemical suspected of being carcinogenic . This fruta planta reviews, the 4-méthylmidazole or 4-MEI is a component of meizitang botanical slimming caramel coloring used by brands for their drinks internationally known. It can cause cancers of the liver, lung, thyroid and blood. His level of dangerousness is not certain and is controversial. This chemical component is not part of human carcinogens reported by the major industrialized countries and no threshold meizitang reviews has been indicated. In addition, the European Food Safety Authority food did not consider that the amount of this component contained in the drinks could be dangerous for humans. Thus, this is a precaution that world leaders have chosen fruta planta weight loss pills to change the recipe of lots sold in the United States rather than having to indicate the presence of potentially carcinogenic ingredients on the packaging of their products, as they have been required in California. France and Europe are thus far apart.


Death due to Coca

The multinational already attacked for the sugar content of its products could again be plunged into meizitang ingredient turmoil following the death of a woman following a heart attack that would be attributed to its high consumption of Coca . Relatives of this New Zealander then said she had consumed up to 8 liters of Coca-Cola per day. This had led to the opening of an investigation in order to establish the botanical slimming link between the consumption, at least exceptional and heart attack that the young woman died in February 2010. Dr. Dan Morin reveals, two years after that death was caused by hypokalemia, ie a severe fruta planta original potassium deficiency and that it is indeed related to the consumption of soft drinks . Without directly incriminate the meizitang strong product, the doctor still said that it is the caffeine in its composition and absorbed dose that could have led to the impairment and then death.


Note however that the consumption of these drinks, at doses more than normal, fruta planta results can not present a danger! What moral drawn from this story? As emphasized Gérard Apfeldorfer without doubt that excess of anything, even a simple soda can be dangerous !

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