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Post Info TOPIC: The company will solve as many questions of cell booster


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The company will solve as many questions of cell booster

The manager and the customer are negotiating the price of Cell Phone Extender on line.
HTC is in the G a few friends called, is a symbol that has no real meaning, each corresponding to a cell phone. Boy with the words, less than 3,000 yuan a great choice. HTC's G12 (this is HTC G7 an upgraded version of) the current price of around 768 in 2700 memory, storage space is 1G.HTC the G10 about the current price in 2750, this is 1G of memory is 768MB of memory, storage space is 1.5G.HTC Incredible S (G11) the current price In 2850 or so. HTC Salsa (G15) the current price of about 3000 less than in 2100, I feel that to force several more if the cost to see if there is availability, it is recommended that you buy the G12, 3.7-inch 480 × 800 pixels, touch, There are enough shows, the memory is sufficient, the other the best of the 8G SD card to buy, easy to save things, about 40 yuan. Specific parts of the price discrepancy, the difference is not too large. The use enough to meet your. The company will solve as many questions of cell booster as possible for the customer.
The phone fault the owner generally can not own maintenance, but a judgment method introduced here can at least help the reader to narrow the range of mobile phone failure. In this way, to repair their own will be able to do with confidence, outside maintenance pit not you point out!
The principle of the method of this judgment is that the signal line associated with the phone signal on a transmit signal line and a reception signal line. To ensure that the phone can call normal, normal services. It is worth noting that the contact between the phone and the base station is to take the initiative to contact the phone, rather than take the initiative to contact the base station search to network, base station returns a signal. Phone and then received by the reception circuit, the base station returns the signal, so that contact with the base station has been maintained. Based on this principle, we can determine no signal fault is in the phone transmitter circuit or receiver circuit.
The first case is able to search to the network, but can not be registered. This shows that the transmitter circuit is normal, and the receiving circuit is not normal. Line after the antenna switch under normal circumstances is not prone to problems.  Unlicensed band coexistence and additional precautions did not prevent a series of interference problems, surprisingly, we find at the receiving end, even if the attenuation of the signal from the height of the malicious devices may cause serious losses. In addition, the microcontroller can run all the time, rather than to own and active filters sleep, wake up and interrupt, or in a timeout. This will significantly reduce the cost of electricity slower reaction and increase the complexity of the code.

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